Flagstaff’s Premier Specialty Pet Store!  

AquaTera is a locally owned and operated Marine, Freshwater, and Reptile Specialty Store.  We carry retail dry goods, for all of our animal companions, at competitive prices.  Our livestock selection, health, care, and expertise is unparalleled anywhere in Northern Arizona!  We have over 100 aquatic enclosures including our “touching” tide pool, a waterfall paludarium, 200 gallons of submersed freshwater plant tanks, 250 gallons of coral frag tanks, our 65 gallon display vivarium, and our 240 gallon display reef.  We also carry live feeder mice and rats from pinkie to jumbo, and a wide variety of feeder insects from crickets and meal worms to feeder roaches.

Come in and check out our store!  We offer free water sample tests and analysis and the finest expert advice for all of your specialty pet questions and concerns.

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